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What is ManTalk?

Man Talk epitomizes the blend of strength and refinement, offering a space where men's mental health is addressed with authenticity and depth. It's a sanctuary where individuals find solace in their struggles, echoing the resilience and sophistication inherent in their experiences.


Why was ManTalk created?

Man Talk was born from a shared vision between its creators, driven by a collective desire to address the unmet needs in men's mental health support. Their motivation stemmed from personal experiences navigating the challenges of mental well-being and witnessing the lack of accessible resources


How does ManTalk aim to help me ?

To kickstart the conversation on men's mental health, Man Talk employs a multi-faceted approach rooted in accessibility and inclusivity. Through engaging social media campaigns, thought-provoking blog posts, and interactive forums, we spark dialogue and destigmatize discussions surrounding mental well-being.


Our Mission

Man Talk's mission is born from the personal struggles of its founders, David Hackett and Seth Odiase. Together and individually, they faced their own challenges and observed the lack of support for men's mental health, leading to an alarming trend of young men turning to harmful paths. Motivated by empathy and a sense of responsibility, they created ManTalk to provide the resources and community support they felt were missing. Their vision is to empower men to overcome adversity, embrace vulnerability, and find strength in solidarity.

Step By STep

Man Talk's step-by-step process involves posting helpful, educational, and entertaining content on social media pages.

Additionally, it includes featuring insightful documentary-style content with diverse guests such as athletes, musicians, and business figures. These steps aim to engage the community, provide valuable resources, and offer diverse perspectives on men's mental health.


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